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This is a tracking category for CS1 citations that have Vancouver style errors.

Vancouver style error

This error is reported for citations that use |name-list-format=vanc. Vancouver style restricts author or editor names to the Latin alphabet. For the purposes of this test, Module:Citation/CS1 defines the Latin alphabet as the letters defined in the Unicode Latin character sets:

C0 Controls and Basic Latin[1] (0041–005A, 0061–007A)
C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement[2] (00C0–00D6, 00D8–00F6, 00F8–00FF)
Latin Extended-A[3] (0100–017F)
Latin Extended-B[4] (0180–01BF, 01C4–024F)

This error is also reported when a corporate or institutional author is listed in |vauthors= without proper delimiters. Corporate authors should be listed this way:

|vauthors=First Surname FM, Surname AB, ((Corporate or institutional Author)), Lastsurname XY

This error is also reported when more than two initials are used: in case of more than two initials, list only the first two.

While normally correct, sometimes the names listed on a PMID page contain errors when the author surname has a lowercase nobiliary particle. For example, PMID 17726700 lists Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz as Doeberitz Mv which is not correct. This author's name should be listed as |vauthors=von Knebel Doeberitz M.[5]

Certain punctuation will be flagged as an error. For example, Unicode U+2019, right single quotation mark, causes an error because it is not a member of the Latin character sets identified above: |vauthors=Vant Veer M. Replace this character with the straight (or typewriter) apostrophe: |vauthors=Van't Veer M.

To resolve this error, Romanize author and editor names.[6] Romanizing can result in two-letter initials, for example, the Greek letter 'Θ' Romanizes to 'Th'.[7] When author names have this kind of initial, Module:Citation/CS1 can't know if this kind of initial is a typo or a legitimate Romanized character so it will emit the Vancouver error. To suppress the error after determining that the two-character initial is correct and not a typo, treat the name as if it were a corporate name by wrapping it in doubled parentheses: |vauthors=..., Tatarinov IuS, ...|vauthors=..., ((Tatarinov IuS)), ...

Similarly, Chinese hyphenated given names may appear in PubMed listings. For example: 'Wang Hsien-yu' may be listed on PubMed as 'Wang Hy' which will result in a Vancouver error. When this occurs, and upon verification that such names are correct, wrap them in doubled parentheses.

Pages with this error are automatically placed in Категорија:CS1 грешке: ванкуверски стил.[а]

Напомене[уреди | уреди извор]

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