Корисник:Community Tech bot

    С Википедије, слободне енциклопедије

    Hi, I'm Community Tech's bot and I'm gonna fix stuff!

    Here's a list of things I am known to do:

    Task Rate Code BRFA Contact
    Creating popular pages reports for wikiprojects Monthly Github Approved MusikAnimal (WMF)
    Various database reports Weekly (approx.) GitHub Approved MusikAnimal (WMF)
    en:Wikipedia:Database reports/Editors eligible for Autopatrol privilege (rewrite of part of the above task) Daily GitHub Approved MusikAnimal (WMF)
    en:Wikipedia:Database reports/Top new article reviewers Twice daily GitHub Approved MusikAnimal (WMF)
    Transcludes and counts proposals, contributors and votes to the Community Wishlist Survey and Developer Wishlist Survey Continuous [1][2] Approved MusikAnimal (WMF)
    m:Community Tech/Commons deletion notification bot – notify article editors about pending deletion of Commons images used Continuous GitHub Approved MusikAnimal (WMF)