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Помоћ:Именски простор — разлика између измена

Превођење именских простора и/или магичних речи
м (Превођење магичних речи)
м (Превођење именских простора и/или магичних речи)
==Colon in page name==
Adding a colon to a page name does not automatically create a new namespace. To see the namespace of a page, use <nowiki>{{NAMESPACEИМЕНСКИПРОСТОР}}</nowiki> which returns the namespace. For this page it returns "{{ИМЕНСКИПРОСТОР}}". The same code would return an empty string for a page in the main namespace. Similarly, <nowiki>{{PAGENAMEСТРАНИЦА}}</nowiki> returns the page name without prefix. For this page it returns "{{СТРАНИЦА}}". <nowiki>{{FULLPAGENAME}}</nowiki> returns both namespace and pagename; for this page, that is "{{FULLPAGENAME}}".
To take some examples from '''Wiktionary''': [[m:wikt:Wiktionary:FAQ|Wiktionary:FAQ]] has Talk page [[m:wikt:Wiktionary talk:FAQ|Wiktionary talk:FAQ]], but [[m:wikt:Wiktionary Appendix:Colours|Wiktionary Appendix:Colours]] has Talk page [[m:wikt:Talk:Wiktionary Appendix:Colours|Talk:Wiktionary Appendix:Colours]], because the first is in the project preface namespace and the second is not. In [[m:wikt:Special:Allpages|Special:Allpages]], accordingly, the first is, unlike the second, not in the list of articles, but in the page list of the namespace Wiktionary.
*[[Help:Talk page]]
*[[m:Help:Namespace manager]]
*[[m:Help:Custom namespaces]]