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Year articles
м (Hristos se rodi!)
(Year articles)
Svim kolegama i kolegicama na Wikipediji na srpskom jeziku '''Sretan Božić. Hristos se rodi!''' želim u ime suradnika sa Wikipedije na hrvatskom jeziku. <small>(ne znam ćirilicu .-))</small> [[Корисник:Andrej Šalov|Andrej Šalov]] 16:03, 7 јануар 2006 (CET)
== Year articles ==
Hi. Is there a reason why there are 3 different year articles: [[1011 (latinica)]], [[1011 (ASCII)]], and [[1011]] (examples - there are many more). The same goes for [[10. maj (ASCII)]], [[sr:10. maj]], etc. I am trying to adopt interwiki bot to work with sr:, but this confusion prevents normal bot operation. The bot requires 1 to 1 relation between all interwiked pages. Please answer on my [[:en:user talk:Yurik|en:Yurik]] page. Thanks! --[[Корисник:Yurik|Yurik]] 17:15, 7 јануар 2006 (CET)