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Википедија:Позивање на гласање — разлика између измена

The following behaviours are regarded as characteristic of inappropriate notification (and may be seen as disruptive):
*'''SpammingСпамовање''': Posting an excessive number of messages to individual users, or to users with no significant connection to the topic at hand.<ref>The Arbitration Committee has ruled that "[t]he occasional light use of cross-posting to talk pages is part of Wikipedia's common practice. However, excessive cross-posting goes against current Wikipedia community norms. In a broader context, it is "unwiki." See [[Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/IZAK#Principles]].</ref>
*'''CampaigningАгитовање''': Posting a notification of discussion that presents the topic in a non-neutral manner.
*'''Vote-stackingЛов на гласове''': Posting messages to users selected based on their known opinions (which may be made known by a [[Wikipedia:Userboxes|userbox]], [[Wikipedia:User categories|user category]], or prior statement).<ref>See [[WP:False consensus]] for a series of finding by the Arbitration Committee concerning vote-stacking and improper CANVASS</ref> [[Votebank|Vote-banking]] involves recruiting editors perceived as having a common viewpoint for a [[:Category:Wikipedia collaborations|group]], similar to a political party, in the expectation that notifying the group of any discussion related to that viewpoint will result in a numerical advantage, much as a form of prearranged vote stacking.
*'''StealthТајно canvassingпозивање''': Contacting users off-wiki (by e-mail, for example) to persuade them to join in discussions (unless there is a specific reason not to use talk pages)
*Soliciting support other than by posting direct messages, such as using a custom signature with a message promoting a specific position on any issue being discussed.