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The different systems of [[Wiktionary:parse|parsing]] [[framing (social sciences)|frame]] the ways in which Japanese prefectures are perceived:
===Списак префектура по ISO ===
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Префектуре су груписане у девет региона у Јапану. Означене су од севера према југу и нумерисане на основу стандарда [[ISO 3166-2:JP]], Међународне организације за стандардизацију и то:
The prefectures are also often grouped into nine [[Regions of Japan|regions]] (''Chihō''). Those regions are not formally specified, they do not have elected officials, nor are they corporate bodies. However, the practice of ordering prefectures based on their geographic region is traditional.<ref name="nussbaum780"/> This ordering is mirrored in Japan's [[International Organization for Standardization]] (ISO) coding.<ref>See [[ISO 3166]]</ref> From north to south (numbering in [[ISO 3166-2:JP]] order), the prefectures of Japan and their commonly associated regions are:

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