Роберт Мичам

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Роберт Мичам
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Пуно имеРоберт Чарлс Дурман Мичам
Датум рођења(1917-08-06)6. август 1917.
Место рођењаБриџпорт,  Конектикат
Датум смрти1. јул 1997.(1997-07-01) (79 год.)
Место смртиСанта Барбара,  Калифорнија
СупружникДороти Мичам (1940—1997)
Битне улогеJeff Bailey in
Out of the Past
Rev. Harry Powell in
The Night of the Hunter
Max Cady in
Cape Fear Pug Henry in
The Winds of War and War and Remembrance
Веза до IMDb-а

Роберт Мичам (енгл. Robert Mitchum) је био амерички глумац, рођен 6. августа 1917. године у Бриџпорт (Конектикат), а преминуо је 1. јула 1997. године у Санта Барбари (Калифорнија).

Филмографија[уреди | уреди извор]

Српски назив
Изворни назив
1943. Hoppy Serves a Writ Henchman
1943. Border Patrol Henchman Quinn
1943. Follow the Band Tate Winters
1943. Colt Comrades Dirk Mason
1943. We've Never Been Licked Panhandle Mitchell
1943. Lone Star Trail Ben Slocum
1943. Beyond the Last Frontier Trigger Dolan
1943. Bar 20 Richard Adams
1943. Doughboys in Ireland Ernie Jones
1943. False Colors Rip Austin
1943. Миноловац Minesweeper Seaman Chuck Ryan
1943. Riders of the Deadline Nick Drago
1943. 'Gung Ho!': The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders 'Pig-Iron' Matthews
1944. Johnny Doesn't Live Here Any More CPO Jeff Daniels
1944. When Strangers Marry Fred Graham
1944. Girl Rush Jimmy Smith
1944. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Lt. Bob Gray
1944. Невада Nevada Jim 'Nevada' Lacy
1945. Story of G.I. Joe Lt./Capt. Bill Walker
1945. West of the Pecos Pecos Smith
1946. Till the End of Time William J. Tabeshaw
1946. Undercurrent Michael Garroway
1946. The Locket Norman Clyde
1947. Pursued Jeb Rand
1947. Crossfire Sgt. Peter Keeley
1947. Desire Me Paul Aubert
1947. Из прошлости Out of the Past Jeff Bailey, aka Jeff Markham
1948. Rachel and the Stranger Jim Fairways
1948. Blood on the Moon Jim Garry
1949. The Red Pony Billy Buck
1949. The Big Steal Lt. Duke Halliday
1949. Holiday Affair Steve Mason
1950. Where Danger Lives Dr. Jeff Cameron
1951. My Forbidden Past Dr. Mark Lucas
1951. His Kind of Woman Dan Milner
1951. The Racket Captain Thomas McQuigg
1952. Макао Macao Nick Cochran
1952. One Minute to Zero Col. Steve Janowski
1952. The Lusty Men Jeff McCloud
1952. Angel Face Frank Jessup
1953. Бели врач White Witch Doctor Lonni Douglas
1953. Second Chance Russ Lambert
1954. She Couldn't Say No Doctor Robert Sellers
1954. River of No Return Matt Calder
1954. Track of the Cat Curt Bridges
1955. Not as a Stranger Lucas Marsh
1955. The Night of the Hunter Harry Powell
1955. Man with the Gun Clint Tollinger
1956. Foreign Intrigue Dave Bishop
1956. Bandido Wilson
1957. Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison Cpl. Allison, USMC
1957. Fire Down Below Felix Bowers
1957. The Enemy Below Capt. Murrell
1958. Thunder Road Lucas Doolin
1958. The Hunters Major Cleve Saville
1959. The Angry Hills Mike Morrison
1959. The Wonderful Country Martin Brady
1960. Home from the Hill Capt. Wade Hunnicutt
1960. A Terrible Beauty Dermot O'Neill
1960. The Sundowners Paddy Carmody
1960. Трава је зеленија The Grass Is Greener Чарлс Делакро
1961. The Last Time I Saw Archie Archie Hall
1962. Рт страха Cape Fear Max Cady
1962. Најдужи дан The Longest Day Brig. Gen. Norman Cota
1962. Two for the Seesaw Jerry Ryan
1963. The List of Adrian Messenger Cameo
1963. Rampage Harry Stanton
1963. Man in the Middle Lt. Col. Barney Adams
1964. What a Way to Go! Rod Anderson, Jr.
1965. Mister Moses Joe Moses
1966. El Dorado El Dorado Sheriff J.P. Harrah
1967. The Way West Dick Summers
1968. A Movable Scene Verteller
1968. Villa Rides Lee Arnold
1968. Sbarco di Anzio, Lo Dick Ennis
1968. 5 Card Stud The Rev. Jonathan Rudd
1968. Secret Ceremony Albert
1969. Young Billy Young Deputy Ben Kane
1969. The Good Guys and the Bad Guys Marshal James Flagg
1970. Ryan's Daughter Charles Shaughnessy
1971. Going Home Harry K. Graham
1972. The Wrath of God Father Oliver Van Horne
1973. America on the Rocks Verteller
1973. The Friends of Eddie Coyle Eddie 'Fingers' Coyle
1974. Јакуза The Yakuza Harry Kilmer Хари Килмер
1975. Farewell, My Lovely Philip Marlowe
1976. Мидвеј Midway Vice Adm. William F. 'Bull' Halsey Jr.
1976. The Last Tycoon Pat Brady
1977. The Amsterdam Kill Quinlan
1978. The Big Sleep Philip Marlowe
1978. Матилда Matilda Duke Parkhurst
1979. Steiner - Das eiserne Kreuz, 2. Teil Col. Rogers
1980. Агенција Agency Ted Quinn
1980. Nightkill Donner
1982. One Shoe Makes It Murder Harold Shillman
1982. That Championship Season Coach Delaney
1983. Ветрови рата The Winds of War Victor 'Pug' Henry
1983. A Killer in the Family Gary Tison
1984. The Ambassador Peter Hacker
1984. Maria's Lovers Mr. Bibic
1985. The Hearst and Davies Affair William Randolph Hearst
1985. Reunion at Fairborough Carl Hostrup
1985. Promises to Keep Jack Palmer
1985. Север и југ North and South Patrick Flynn
1986. Thompson's Last Run Johnny Thompson
1988. Mr. North Mr. Bosworth
1988. Рат и сећање War and Remembrance Capt. Victor 'Pug' Henry
1988. Scrooged Preston Rhinelander
1989. Eyes of War Verteller
1989. Brotherhood of the Rose John Eliot
1989. Jake Spanner, Private Eye Jake Spanner
1990. Waiting for the Wind -
1990. Midnight Ride Dr. Hardy
1990. A Family for Joe Joe 'Grandpa' Whitaker-Bankston
1990. Présumé dangereux Prof. Forrester
1990. A Family for Joe Joe Whitaker
1991. African Skies Sam Dutton (unknown episodes)
1991. Рт страха Cape Fear Lieutenant Elgart
1992. Sept péchés capitaux, Les God
1993. Woman of Desire Walter J. Hill
1993. Tombstone Verteller глас
1995. Backfire! Marshal Marc Marshall
1995. Мртав човек Dead Man John Dickinson
1995. Pakten Ernest Bogan
1995. The Marshal Frank MacBride
1997. James Dean: Race with Destiny George Stevens

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