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Кутијица за војника[уреди]

Х. Норман Шварцкопф
Норман Шварцкопф
Надимак Јуришајући Норман
Датум рођења: 22. август, 1934.
Место рођења Трентон, Њу Џерси
Лојалност Сједињене Америчке Државе
Служба Оружане снаге САД
Године службе 1956 - 1991
Чин US-O10 insignia.svg генерал
Командант 1. батаљон, 6. пешадијски, 198. пешадијска бригада
1. бригада, 9. пешадијска дивизија
24. механизована пешадијска дивизија
1. корпус
Централна команда Сједињених Америчке Држава
Битке/ратови Хладни рат
Рат у Вијетнаму
Први заливски рат
Битка за Кафџи
Битка за Вади Ал-Батин
Битка за Норфолк
Одликовања Combat Infantryman Badge
Master Parachutist Badge
Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Army Distinguished Service Medal
Silver Star (3)
Defense Superior Service Medal
Legion of Merit
Distinguished Flying Cross
Bronze Star (3) with Combat V
Purple Heart
Air Medal (10)
Army Commendation Medal (2) with V device

Шаблон за војника може да се користи за представљање информација о појединачном војном лицу као што је неки војник или командант.

Кутијица може да се дода коришћењем шаблона {{војник}}, као што је приказано испод:

{{Infobox military person
| name          =
| image         =
| caption       =
| born          = 
| died          = 
| placeofburial_label = 
| placeofburial = 
| placeofbirth  =
| placeofdeath  =
| placeofburial_coordinates = <!-- {{coord|LAT|LONG|display=inline,title}} -->
| nickname      =
| allegiance    =
| branch        =
| serviceyears  =
| rank          =
| servicenumber =
| unit          =
| commands      =
| battles       =
| battles_label =
| awards        =
| relations     =
| laterwork     =

Note: When using parameters, avoid the ambiguous abbreviation "N/A", and instead use "unknown" or "none". All subjective or qualitative judgements and numerical quantities or statistics must be cited to a reliable source (see WP:MILMOS#CITE).

  • name – пуно име особе.
  • imageопционо – слика особе. Слика мора да буде наведена у формату [[Слика:Primer.jpg|300п]]; атрибут мини (thumb) не сме да буде наведен. Alt text, if used, must be placed here.
  • captionoptional – the text to be placed below the image.
  • bornoptional – the date of birth, if known, using {{Birth date}} or {{Birth date and age}}. For unusual cases, such as where only dates of activities are known, the lived parameter may be used instead.
  • diedoptional – the date of death, if applicable and known, in {{Death date and age}}.
  • placeofbirthoptional – the person's birthplace.
  • placeofdeathoptional – the place where the person died.
  • placeofburialoptional – the place where the person's remains are buried or otherwise interred.
  • placeofburial_labeloptional – the label to use for the placeofburial field (above); this is intended to be used in cases where the remains were disposed of in a manner other than burial, and defaults to "Resting place" if not set.
  • placeofburial_coordinatesoptional – the precise location where the person's remains are buried or otherwise interred. Шаблон:UF-coord
  • nicknameoptional – nickname(s) by which the person was known.
  • allegianceoptional – the country or other power the person served. Multiple countries may be indicated together with the corresponding dates. This field should not be used to indicate a particular service branch, which is better indicated by the branch field (below).
  • branchoptional – the service branch (Army, Navy, etc.) the person was a part of; this should be left blank for people who were not part of a formal armed service, or who predate the establishment of formal service branches.
  • serviceyearsoptional – the years during which the person served.
  • rankoptional – the highest rank achieved by the person. Unusual cases, such as this rank not being the last achieved, or the rank being awarded posthumously, may be noted. In cases where the person held different ranks in different armies, multiple ranks should be specified with a date and country note for each.
  • service numberoptional – the service number held by the individual during military service.
  • unitoptional – for persons who are not notable as commanding officers, the unit (company, battalion, regiment, etc.) in which they served. This should be omitted if the commands are specified (as above).
  • commandsoptional – for persons who are notable as commanding officers, the units they commanded. Dates should be given if multiple notable commands were held.
  • battlesoptional – any notable battles or wars in which the person participated. This should be omitted if a campaignbox is used in conjunction with this template.
  • battles_labeloptional – the label to use for the battles field (above); defaults to "Battles/wars".
  • awardsoptional – any notable awards or decorations the person received.
  • relationsoptional – any notable relations. Only reasonably close ones should be indicated; an exhaustive listing of an extensive family tree should be avoided here.
  • laterworkoptional – profession or positions held by the person other than military service (displays with the label "Other work").