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Инфокутија Аниманга/Заглавље
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This is an example image
{{Infobox animanga/Header
| name            = 
| image           = 
| caption         = 
| ja_kanji        = 
| ja_romaji       = 
| genre           = <!-- Note: Use and cite reliable sources to identify genre/s, not personal interpretation. Please don't include more than three genres (per [[MOS:A&M]]). -->
| creator         = 
Parameter Description
name Full common name of the anime, manga, light novel, or etc. Defaults to article name.
image A relevant image for the work, which should be a movie poster, a DVD/VHS cover, screenshot, or another related image. Be sure to include a valid fair use rationale for the image if you upload one. Include just the filename without the "File:" prefix.
caption Image caption, which should describe the type of image used.
ja_kanji The title as written in Japan (any mix of kanji, kana, or the Latin alphabet).
ja_romaji The Hepburn romanization of the Japanese language title. Leave this blank if it would be the same as the name parameter.
genre The genre or genres to which the work belongs. List more specific genres over general genres (ex. Mecha is a subgenre of Science fiction, therefore only Mecha should be listed instead of both). Genres should be based on what reliable sources list them and not on personal interpretations. If a genre cannot be cited to a reliable source, then it should not be listed.
creator The creator or creators of the anime, manga, light novel, or etc.

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