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Употреба[уреди извор]

This template is to facilitate the creation of tables of medallists in articles.

To create tables of medallists at sporting events, start a table and place the following template on the first line:

  • {{MedalistTable|class=|type=|labelwidth=|columns=|width=|fontsize=}}

Параметри[уреди извор]

  • class = This offers the option to use a user-defined table style. The default is "wikitable".
  • type = This sets the label for the first column, possibilities include: Games, Year, Event, Championships etc. The default is "Games"
  • columns = This adjusts the number of columns within the medallists' fields. A value of 1 leaves one field in each of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze columns, enough for the medallists' names. A value of 2 leaves two fields in each column, making it possible to add the competitor's result/time/score, or nationality etc. The default is "1".
  • labelwidth = This adjusts the size of the first column (default: "Games"). Depending on amount of information in the boxes in the first column, this may be increased or reduced for presentation purposes. The default is 120.
  • width = This adjust the width of the "Gold Silver Bronze" columns. Depending on amount of information in the columns, this may be increased or reduced for presentation purposes. The default is 200.
  • fontsize = This adjusts the overall font size used in the table. The default is 100.

Први пример[уреди извор]

Entering the following will give the example table below.

|[[Egg and spoon race]]
|[[Johnny Gold]] || 30 seconds
|[[Sammy Silver]] || 36 seconds
|[[Billy Bronze]] || 12 hours
|[[Man versus Horse Marathon]]
| Horse || 2:01:10
| Man || 4:45:30
| Dog || Did not finish
Egg and spoon race Johnny Gold 30 seconds Sammy Silver 36 seconds Billy Bronze 12 hours
Man versus Horse Marathon Horse 2:01:10 Man 4:45:30 Dog Did not finish

Други пример[уреди извор]

The following is another style of usage, one which documents past winners at a certain championships or Games.

{| {{MedalistTable|location=yes}}
! scope=row rowspan=2 |[[Athletics at the 1896 Summer Olympics|1896]]
|rowspan=2| Athens
|rowspan=2|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Thomas Burke (athlete)|Thomas Burke]]|USA|1896 Summer}}
|rowspan=2|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Fritz Hofmann (athlete)|Fritz Hofmann]]|GER|1896 Summer}}
|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Francis Lane]]|USA|1896 Summer}}
|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Alojz Sokol]]|HUN|1896 Summer}}
! scope=row | [[Athletics at the 1900 Summer Olympics|1900]]
| Paris
|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Frank Jarvis]]|USA|1900 Summer}}
|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Walter Tewksbury]]|USA|1900 Summer}}
|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Stan Rowley]]|AUS|1900 Summer}}  
! scope=row | [[Athletics at the 1904 Summer Olympics|1904]]
| St. Louis
|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Archie Hahn]]|USA|1904 Summer}}
|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Nate Cartmell]]|USA|1904 Summer}}
|{{flagIOCathlete|[[William Hogenson]]|USA|1904 Summer}} 

1896 Athens  Thomas Burke (USA)  Fritz Hofmann (GER)  Francis Lane (USA)
 Alojz Sokol (HUN)
1900 Paris  Frank Jarvis (USA)  Walter Tewksbury (USA)  Stan Rowley (AUS)
1904 St. Louis  Archie Hahn (USA)  Nate Cartmell (USA)  William Hogenson (USA)

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