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Infobox Artist
Датум рођења {{{birthdate}}}

An Infobox Artist may be used to summarise information about a person who is an artist.


The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. Only the name and birthdate parameters are required. For an example, see Salvador Dalí.

{{Infobox Artist
| bgcolour      = 
| name          = 
| image         = 
| imagesize     = 
| caption       = 
| birthname     = 
| birthdate     = 
| location      = 
| deathdate     = 
| deathplace    = 
| nationality   = 
| field         = 
| training      = 
| movement      = 
| famous works  = 
| patrons       = 
| influenced by =
| influenced    =
| awards        = 


Those parameters in bold italics are required.

bgcolour background colouring (e.g. as used in associated colours/projects). Omit this line to use the default color.
name artist's name; usually the article's page name (i.e. the artist's common name)
image an image of the artist, in the form: "Example.jpg"
imagesize * in the form "Npx", resizes the image to a width of N pixels; default is 220px
caption * caption for the image
birthname artist's name at birth
birthdate artist's date of birth, in the form: Month Date, Year
location artist's place of birth
deathdate artist's date of death (in form already given)
deathplace artist's place of death
nationality artist's nationality
field main fields in which the artist works (i.e. photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, graphic design)
training where or with whom the artist trained
movement artistic movement or school with which artist is associated
famous works artist's most famous works
patrons patrons of the artist
influenced by artists who have influenced the artist (other than his teachers)
influenced artists who have been influenced by the artist
awards any awards the artist has won
* Only used if the {{{image}}} parameter used.

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