Шаблон:Sidebar with collapsible lists

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{{Sidebar with collapsible lists}} is a version of {{Sidebar}} which offers collapsible lists in addition to Sidebar's content parameters.

Usage[уреди извор]

Parameters with infrequent use omitted.

{{Sidebar with collapsible lists
| name     = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| pretitle = 
| title    = 
| image    = 
| templatestyles = 
| expanded = {{{expanded|}}}

| heading1   = 
| list1name  = 
| list1title = 
| list1      = 

| heading2   = 
| list2name  = 
| list2title = 
| list2      = 

<!-- ...... -->

| headingN =         <!-- Template:Sidebar's "headingN" and/or "contentN" parameters (where -->
| contentN =         <!-- N is a number) may be used to include uncollapsible lists/content -->

<!-- ...... -->

| below = 


Parameters[уреди извор]

Детаљније: Template:Sidebar § Parameters

This template takes all {{sidebar}} parameters. In addition:

The displayed title of the collapsible listn.
The contents of the collapsible listn.
A class can be added to target a specific list either with TemplateStyles or microformats. See Template:Sidebar#Classes.
In the context of TemplateStyles, specific list contents can be targeted like so: .templateclass .listnclass .sidebar-list-title for a specific list title and .templateclass .listnclass .sidebar-list for a specific list.
|expanded= and |listnname=
|expanded= is used to indicate which (if any) list named |listnname= is shown expanded when the template is first displayed; see {{Collapsible lists option}}.

A |listn= without a |listntitle= displays the default title ("List").

Handling long links[уреди извор]

See Template:Sidebar#Handling long links.

TemplateStyles[уреди извор]

The classes available for styling, besides those listed in Template:Sidebar#TemplateStyles, are:

The top-level {{sidebar with collapsible lists}} class.
The class is a container when either |listntitle= or |listn= is provided in {{sidebar with collapsible lists}}.
The class associated with a |listntitle=. Every list title will have this class.
The class associated with a |listn=. Every list content will have this class.

Deprecated parameters[уреди извор]

These parameters are deprecated for the same reason as the style parameters in Template:Sidebar.

listtitlestyle and liststyle
These are the equivalent of, respectively, {{Collapsible list}}'s titlestyle and liststyle parameters.
Sets the framestyle (see {{Collapsible list}}) for the lists.
Sets the framestyle for listN, overriding listframestyle.
Sets the titlestyle for listN, overriding listtitlestyle above.
Sets the liststyle for listN, overriding liststyle above.

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