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{{Sidebar with collapsible lists}} is a version of {{Sidebar}} which offers collapsible lists as an alternative to Sidebar's content parameters.

Usage[уреди извор]

Parameters with infrequent use omitted.

{{Sidebar with collapsible lists
| name     = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| pretitle = 
| title    = 
| image    = 
| expanded = {{{expanded|{{{1|}}}}}}

| headingstyle   = 
| listtitlestyle = 
| liststyle      = 
| contentstyle   =   <!--(same as |liststyle = ...?)-->

| heading1   = 
| list1name  = 
| list1title = 
| list1      = 

| heading2   = 
| list2name  = 
| list2title = 
| list2      = 

<!-- ...... -->

| headingN =         <!--(Template:Sidebar's "headingN" and/or "contentN" parameters (where -->
| contentN =         <!-- N is a number) may be used to include uncollapsible lists/content)-->

<!-- ...... -->

| below = 


Parameters[уреди извор]

The topmost parameters (including name, outertitle, topimage, pretitle, title, image, headingstyle, contentstyle) are described at {{Sidebar}}. Other {{Sidebar}} parameters not shown here (e.g. navbar) may also be used.

expanded and listNname
expanded is used to indicate which (if any) list named listNname is shown expanded when the template is first displayed; see {{Collapsible lists option}}.
listtitlestyle and liststyle
These are the equivalent of, respectively, {{Collapsible list}}'s titlestyle and liststyle parameters.

Any listN used without an accompanying listNtitle is still presented as a collapsible list under {{Collapsible list}}'s default title ("List"); see example opposite. [Perhaps "listN"s without "listNtitle"s should be treated as "contentN"s..?]

Other parameters[уреди извор]

In addition to the above, the following collapsible list-related parameters are also available:

Sets the framestyle (see {{Collapsible list}}) for the lists.
Sets the framestyle for listN, overriding listframestyle.
Sets the titlestyle for listN, overriding listtitlestyle above.
Sets the liststyle for listN, overriding liststyle above.

Handling long links[уреди извор]

As with the sidebar template, {{normalwraplink}} may be used to handle links that should wrap within the sidebar or otherwise need to be made to wrap, in order to prevent the sidebar from becoming too wide. Use {{normalwraplink|longlinkname}}, where |longlinkname is the long link without its square brackets.

Use the |wraplinks=true parameter to turn link wrapping off for the whole template.

Examples[уреди извор]

Examples of this template can be found by checking the template's backlinks with What links here.

See also[уреди извор]