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{{Template category}} should be placed at the top of categories that contain template pages and their related subcategories. This template populates Category:Wikipedia template categories.

{{Template category
| type = 
| topic = 
| description = 
| onright = 
| container = 
| help = 

The template may be used without any parameters, i.e. as {{Template category}}.

With no parameters

The following, however, may be used to make the template more informative:

Setting type to one of the following values adds a preset note as to which type of template the category (but not necessarily its subcategories) is meant to contain. The values are:
  • ambox
  • campaignbox
  • conversion
  • external link
  • formatting
  • function
  • message
  • meta
  • navbox
  • navigation
  • sidebar
  • stub
  • sub
  • timeline
  • userbox
If type is set to something other than one of these values, the default "The pages listed in this category are templates" note appears unmodified.
type alone
{{Template category |type=sidebar}}
Further examples of type's output appear in the examples below.

Adds a default description ending "...relating to topic", where topic is usually a wikilink to the main article associated with the category (e.g. United States for the Category:United States templates).
topic alone
{{Template category |topic=the [[United States]]}}
type, topic
{{Template category |type=infobox |topic=the [[United States]]}}

Use this if a customised description is needed instead of – or, if topic also used, to follow – the default description above.
type, topic, description
{{Template category
| type = navbox
| topic = [[China]]
| description = <br />{{small|For templates relating specifically to the [[People's Republic of China|People's Republic of China (PRC)]] or the current [[Republic of China|Republic of China (ROC, "Taiwan")]], see, respectively, {{c|People's Republic of China templates}} and {{c|Republic of China (Taiwan) templates}}.}}
description alone
{{Template category |description=This text is supplied by the ''description'' parameter.}}

Use this to place right-aligned boxes beside the template such as {{Portal}} (to provide link/s to related portal/s), {{Commons category}} (to provide a link to the same or a similarly-named Commons category), etc. If more than one box is included, ensure the widest one appears first (see example below) otherwise overlapping may occur.
topic, onright
{{Template category
| topic = the [[United States]]
| onright = {{Commons category|United States|the United States}}{{Portal|United States}}

Set container as {{"true", "yes", etc}} to identify the category as a container category, i.e. a category meant to contain only subcategories. A note requesting that no templates are added to the template category is then included.
container alone
{{Template category |container=true}}
An alternative to using container is to place {{Container category}} after the {{Template category}} template:
{{Container category}} following {{Template category}}
{{Template category
| type = ''type''
| topic = ''[[topic]]''
| description = This text supplied by the ''description'' parameter.
{{Container category}}

Use this to replace the default instructions as to how to add a template to the category ("Further template category notes" section) or, if set negatively, to remove them.

Other category header templates

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