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{{Video game reviews}} is a template which presents review aggregator and individual publication review scores in a video game article. It supports a game's reception section, which for released titles is necessary for an article to be broad in its coverage.

Things to remember:

  • This template is not required.
  • This template supplements the reception section; it does not replace it.
  • Only include reviews if they are cited within the text.

Guidelines[уреди извор]

{{Video game reviews}} is not required
Traditional reviews, or those that provide some type of score, may be few and far between for some games. If you only have a couple of such reviews which could be used to fill the table, consider foregoing the table and instead simply state these in the body of reception text.
All reviews must be referenced
Individual reviews should cite their original publication, not the aggregator truncated summary. See also Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Sources.
Every single-site review source should be used within the reception section
The reviews table supports the text. It is not to replicate the function of external review aggregators.
Stay with the "usual suspects"
Aggregator scores
Aggregators present readers with a quick gauge of the critical consensus.
Do not include GameRankings in articles about newer games. GameRankings is mainly useful for older games and it is mainly duplication in newer ones. Round aggregator scores to the nearest whole number (e.g., 83.46%83%).
Review scores
The following sources comprise the most popular and influential voices in the games industry. They provide a core selection of reviews to build a reception section:
  • IGN − Most popular English language games website
  • GameSpot − Second most popular English language games website
  • Game Informer − US magazine with the largest circulation
  • Edge − UK's longest running print magazine
  • Eurogamer − Most popular European English language games website (See below)
For older games, particularly fifth generation and earlier, web based publications lacked the reach and influence of print publications. Consider these sources:
Single platform publications may offer specialist insight to platform-exclusive games, and allow readers to compare the reception across platforms of multiplatform games. Consider sources such as Nintendo Power, Official Xbox Magazine, PC Gamer, PlayStation Official Magazine - UK, and others.
For niche genres, genre publications may offer specialist insight. Consider sources such as Adventure Gamers, RPGamer, PC Pilot, and others.
Games which have strong cultural ties to their country of origin should have reception from that same country. Japanese games for example are best served with a Famitsu review (See below).
Consider coverage from outside traditional video games media. High quality sources such as The New York Times, Wired, and the BBC do not cater to a "gamer" audience, but may on occasion cover video games. Wikipedia is both a generalist and specialist encyclopedia. Opinions from these sources may be more accessible to a non-gamer audience and place the subject in a greater cultural and societal context than is possible at a narrowly focused video gaming publication.

Reviews without scores
Some publications, such as Eurogamer, Kotaku, and Joystiq, may not score their reviews. If, instead of a score, the publication presents the game with a badge or award in its review, this can be included in the table. This is not necessary.

Consider the aggregate scoring breakdown
The review aggregators used in the table are considered reliable sources and are trusted to provide the critical consensus. However, some games may divide opinion and there may be no true consensus. This division of opinion may already have been captured following the guidelines above, but if not - consider including further reviews expressing these "outlier" opinions.
Publications such as Electronic Gaming Monthly and Famitsu review games among a group, with each reviewer offering their individual score. Using the average or cumulative score from these publications will result in the loss of that breakdown, so include the individual scores, either in the table itself or in a footnote.
Numerical scores
Make sure to include the maximum possible score for a review if the review uses a numerical value ("7/10", "86/100"). This is not required if the score is published as a percentage, as this presumes the maximum score of 100%.
Letter grades
Ratings that use a letter grade system should simply present the letter grade ("B-", "C+").
If a review uses a stars instead of numbers, you may use the {{rating}} template. This is not required. Examples:
Code Result
{{Rating|3|5}} 3/5 звездица
{{Rating|3.5|5}} 3.5/5 звездица
{{Rating|7|10}} 7/10 звездица

General[уреди извор]

Usage[уреди извор]

All of the following fields are optional:

Can be used to provide a custom title for the table; otherwise, it will default to "Reception".
Used to add additional text before the collapsible section. This is necessary to add if want a longer title, as long titles via the "title" parameter will not center correctly.
state* [autocollapse, collapsed, expanded]
autocollapse  –  The table will start out collapsed if there are two or more tables on the same page that use other collapsible tables. Otherwise, the table will be expanded. For the technically minded, see MediaWiki:Common.js.
collapsed  –  The table will be collapsed (hidden) by default. This is useful for very long tables.
expanded  –  The table will be expanded (shown) by default. This is useful if autocollapse is not showing the table in a section that it wouldn't matter.
If undefined or set to blank, the table will not be collapsible.
right  –  Displays the table on the right. This is default.
left  –  Displays the table on the left.
inherit  –  Specifies that the value of the float property should be inherited from the parent element.
none  –  The table is not aligned, and will be displayed just where it occurs in the text on the page.

Code[уреди извор]

Predefined Aggregator Fields
Aggregator Code Rating system
Metacritic MC 83/100
(see note above—only use for older games when Metacritic data is unavailable)
GR 84%

Use "wikidata" as the rating for the above fields to pull from aggregator reviews declared on the game's respective Wikidata page. This will automatically build references from Wikidata as well. The default date format is MDY. To change it, specify another format with "|df=<format>" such as DMY, YMD, etc. See WP:VG/WD for a quick guide on editing Wikidata.

1UP to Game Revolution
Reviewer Code Rating system
1UP.com 1UP A+ to D−
Adventure Gamers AdvGamers
Allgame Allgame
Amstrad Action AAction
Amtix! Amtix
Computer Gaming World CWG
Computer and Video Games CVG 9.2 (0.0 to 10.0)
Destructoid Destruct
Dragon Dragon
Edge Edge 1 to 10
Electronic Gaming Monthly EGM 9.5 (0.0 to 10.0)
Eurogamer EuroG Stopped scoring reviews on 10 February 2015
Famitsu Fam 0 to 40
G4 G4
GameFan GameFan
Game Informer GI
GamePro GamePro
Game Revolution GameRev A to D− (1996-2012); adapted 5-star rating system in 2012
GamesMaster to Official Playstation Magazine (US)
Reviewer Code Rating system
GamesMaster GMaster
GameSpot GSpot
GameSpy GSpy
GamesRadar GRadar
GameTrailers GT
GameZone GameZone
Giant Bomb GB
Hyper Hyper
Joystiq Joystiq No longer scoring reviews after Jan. 2015
Maximum PC MaxPC
Nintendo Gamer NG
NGC Magazine N64 or NGC
Nintendo Life NLife
Nintendo Power NP
Nintendo World Report NWR
Official Nintendo Magazine ONM
Official PlayStation Magazine (US) OPM
Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) to Your Sinclair
Reviewer Code Rating system
Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) OPMUK
Official PlayStation Magazine (Australia) OPMAU
Official Xbox Magazine OXM
Official Xbox Magazine (UK) OXMUK
PC Format PCF
PC PowerPlay PCPP
PC Zone PCZone
Play Play
Polygon Poly
Sinclair User SUser
TeamXbox TX
VideoGamer.com VG
X-Play XPlay
Your Sinclair YSinclair

Award layout[уреди извор]

Usage[уреди извор]

Documentation Template
For testing
BAFTAPC Game of the Year (2000)
PC ZoneBest PC Game of All Time
These are for the title of the awards that the title has won.
These are the publishers that provided the award for the title.

Code[уреди извор]

Example Blank Template

{{Video game reviews
| title      = 
| subtitle   = 
| state      = <!--plain/collapsible-->
| align      = <!--left/right/none/inherit-->
<!-- Awards No limit -->
| award1Pub  = 
| award1     = 
| award2Pub  = 
| award2     = 

Single-Platform/Column layout[уреди извор]

Documentation Template
For testing
Оцена агрегатора
MetacriticDS: 61/100
PS2: 68/100
PS3: 70/100
PSP: 70/100
Wii: 70/100
X360: 73/100
Оцене рецензената
1UP.comPS3/X360: C
EGMPS3/X360: C, C, B-
Game InformerPS3/X360: 8.75/10
GameSpotDS: 5.5/10
PS2: 6.0/10
PS3/X360: 7.5/10
PSP: 7.0/10
Wii: 6.0/10
GameTrailersPS3/X360: 6.9/10
IGNPS2: 7.2/10
PSP: 7.5/10
PS3/X360: 7.3/10
Wii: 7.8/10
OXM (US)7.5/10
X-PlayPS3/X360: 2/5
Custom ReviewerWith score
Other Custom Reviewer.Can skip numbers.
BAFTAPC Game of the Year (2000)
PC ZoneBest PC Game of All Time

Usage[уреди извор]

These are for the title of the awards that the title has won.
These are the publishers that provided the award for the title.
These are for custom reviewers. Use with revnScore.
These are for custom reviewers scores for each Platform. Use with revn.
These are for custom aggregate. Use with aggnScore.
These are for custom aggregate scores for each Platform. Use with aggn.

Code[уреди извор]

Example Blank Template

{{Video game reviews
| title      = 
| subtitle   = 
| state      = <!--plain/collapsible-->
| align      = <!--left/right/none/inherit-->
<!-- Aggregators -->
| MC         = 
<!-- Reviewers -->
| XPlay      = 
| IGN        = 
<!-- Custom aggregators limit is set to 10 -->
| agg1      = 
| agg1Score = 
| agg2      = 
| agg2Score = 
<!-- Custom Reviewers limit is set to 10-->
| rev1       = 
| rev1Score  = 
| rev2       = 
| rev2Score  = 
<!-- Awards No limit -->
| award1Pub  = 
| award1     = 
| award2Pub  = 
| award2     = 

Multi-platform[уреди извор]

Usage[уреди извор]

Documentation Template
For testing
Оцене рецензената
Nintendo DSPCPSSaturn
GameSpy2.5/5 звездицаН/ДН/ДН/Д
Custom ReviewerWith scoreН/ДН/ДН/Д
Other Custom Reviewer.Н/ДCan skip numbers.Н/ДН/Д
Оцена агрегатора
BAFTAPC Game of the Year (2000)
PC ZoneBest PC Game of All Time
This will set a fill of N/A grayed out.
These are for the title of the awards that the title has won.
These are the publishers that provided the award for the title.
These are for custom reviewers. Use with revnPlatform.
These are for custom reviewers scores for each Platform. Use with revn.

Code[уреди извор]

You first need to put any platforms that are being used: The code to use is as follows:
Enter true into any platform used.
If not used, set to non-true value, leave blank, or delete the parameter.

Example Blank Template

{{Video game reviews
| title      = 
| subtitle   = 
| state      = <!--plain/collapsible-->
| align      = <!--left/right/none/inherit-->
| na         = true/false; default is false can be omitted.
<!-- Turn on platform etc. -->
| DS         = true
| iOS        = false
<!-- Aggregators etc. -->
| MC_DS      = 
| MC_iOS     = 
<!-- Reviewers etc. -->
| XPlay_iOS  = 
| IGN_X360   = 
<!-- Custom Reviewers limit is set to 10-->
| rev1       = 
| rev1_PC    = 
| rev1_X360  = 
| rev2       = 
| rev2_PC    = 
<!-- Awards no limit-->
| award1Pub  = 
| award1     = 
| award2Pub  = 
| award2     = 
Predefined System Type
System Code
Nintendo 3DS 3DS
Atari 2600 A2600
ColecoVision CV
Nintendo DS DS
Dreamcast SDC
Game Boy GB
Game Boy Advance GBA
Game Boy Color GBC
GameCube NGC
General ~~ If review is broad. GEN
Atari Lynx LYNX
Macintosh MAC
Mega Drive SMD
Mobile MOB
N-Gage (device) N-G
Nintendo 64 N64
Nintendo Entertainment System NES
Personal Computer PC
PlayStation (console) PS
PlayStation 2 PS2
PlayStation 3 PS3
PlayStation 4 PS4
PlayStation Portable PSP
Sega Game Gear SGG
Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES
Master System SMS
Sega Saturn SSAT
Shield NSHI
TurboGrafx-16 TG16
PlayStation Vita VITA
Xbox One XONE
Xbox 360 X360

How to add a new platform[уреди извор]

Go to Module:Video game reviews/data and add {'wiki url/title', 'short code for the system'} within the system array.

  • Define a code for the new platform (e.g. “PS2” for PlayStation 2)
  • Determine its alphabetical order, and the platform code preceding and succeeding it. (e.g. For PS2, the PS precedes, and the PS3 succeeds)

How to add a new reviewer[уреди извор]

Go to Module: Video game reviews and add {'wikilink/title', 'short code for the reviewer'} within the reviewer array.

  • Define a code into the appropriate place (alphabetically) of the existing code.
  • Be sure to provide an appropriate wikilink if available.

Template Data[уреди извор]

Ово је TemplateData документација за овај шаблон, коришћена у Визуелном уређивачу и у другим алаткама; погледајте месечни извештај о грешкама за овај шаблон.

TemplateData за Video game reviews

A template to show the review scores, aggregator scores, and awards given to a title.

Параметри шаблона


Title of the template.


Subtitle of the template.


The tables collapsable settings.


The tables horizontal alignment settings.


This will set a fill of N/A grayed out.


See also[уреди извор]

Notes[уреди извор]