The Rose That Grew From Concrete

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The Rose that Grew from Concrete
Тупак Шакур
Датум 17. октобар 2000.
Жанр реп музика
Трајање 70 мин 46 сек
Издавач Амару / Интерскоп Рекордс
Still I Rise
The Rose that Grew from Concrete
Until The End Of Time

The Rose that Grew from Concrete је албум заснован на поезији Тупак Шакура, објављен 17. октобра 2000. године. На албуму се појављује велики број познатих личности који читају Тупакову поезију и текстове.

Списак песама[уреди]

  1. Tupac Interlude
  2. Wake Me When I'm Free (feat. Babatunde Olatunji & Sikiru Adepoju)
  3. Can U C the Pride in the Panther (Male version feat. Mos Def)
  4. When Ure Heart Turns Cold (feat. Sonia Sanchez)
  5. U R Ripping Us Apart (feat. Dead Prez)
  6. Tears of a Teenage Mother (feat. Jasmine Guy)
  7. God (feat. Reverend Run)
  8. And Still I Love You (Feat. Red Rat)
  9. Can U C the Pride in the Panther (Female version feat. Mos Def)
  10. If There Be Pain (feat. Providence & RasDaveed El Harar)
  11. A River That Flows Forever (feat. Danny Glover, Afeni Shakur & The Cast of The Lion King)
  12. The Rose That Grew from Concrete (feat. Nikki Giovanni)
  13. In The Event Of My Demise (feat. The Outlawz & Geronimo Ji Jaga)
  14. What of a Love Unspoken (feat. Tre)
  15. Sometimes I Cry (feat. Dan Rockett)
  16. The Fear in the Heart of Man (feat. Q-Tip)
  17. Starry Night (feat. Quincy Jones, Mac Mall & Rashida Jones)
  18. What of Fame (feat. Russell Simmons)
  19. Only 4 the Righteous (feat. Rha Goddess)
  20. Why Must You Be Unfaithful (feat. Sarah Jones)
  21. Wife 4 Life (feat. 4th Avenue Jones' & KCI)
  22. Lady Liberty Needs Glasses (feat. Malcolm Jamal Warner)
  23. Family Tree (feat. Lamar Antwon Roninson & The IMPACT Repertory Theatre Group)
  24. Thug Blues (feat. Lamar Antwon Robinson, Tina Thomas Bayyan & The IMPACT Repertory Theatre)
  25. The Sun and the Moon (feat. Chief Okena Littlehawk)