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{{notelist}} creates a section of explanatory notes that were individually specified by {{efn}} tags in the article. This is analogous to the <references /> and <ref>...</ref> tags for normal citations.

The {{notelist}} section should generally occur before the references. This is required when the explanatory notes are referenced, otherwise there will be citations errors. Even if the explanatory notes are not referenced, they are probably more likely to be read than the references, and should be nearer to the top of the MOS:APPENDIX sections than the "References" section for this reason.




  • Single unnamed parameter:
column-count: a natural number specifying fixed columns into which the reference list is to be rendered. Example: |2.
column-width: a typographic unit of measurement such as em, specifying the width for the reference list columns. Example: |30em.
  • colwidth: explicitly sets the column-width.
  • refs: used with named references (e.g., <ref name=name />); it specifies a list of some or all named references used in the article. notes is a synonym to this.
  • group: |group= Sets the group name, and needs to be the same as those inline. This defaults to lower-alpha.


group Styled as
note [note 1]
upper-alpha [A]
upper-roman [IV]
lower-alpha [a]
lower-greek [α][β]
lower-roman [iv]




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