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CAS registry numbers are unique numerical identifiers for chemical elements, compounds, polymers, biological sequences, mixtures and alloys. They are also referred to as CAS numbers, CAS RNs or CAS #s. This template is used to cite CAS numbers within articles.

Usage[уреди извор]

{{CAS|paste the CAS number here|write the compound name here}}

If the first parameter contains a valid CAS-number (e.g. no letters), a link will be placed to the appropriate compound entry on the http://www.commonchemistry.org/ website. If it is not a valid CAS-number, plain text will be shown. In any case, leading and ending spaces are trimmed. Text in the second parameter (if given) will be shown as plain text.

Examples with valid CAS numbers[уреди извор]

  • {{CAS|74-79-3|(L-arginine)}} renders as:
    74-79-3 (L-arginine)
  • {{CAS|7200-25-1|(DL-arginine)}}<br />{{CAS|74-79-3|(L-arginine)}}<br />{{CAS|157-06-2|(D-arginine)}} renders as:
    7200-25-1 (DL-arginine)
    74-79-3 (L-arginine)
    157-06-2 (D-arginine)

Example with an invalid CAS number[уреди извор]

  • {{CAS|abc-7200-25-1-xyz|(DL-arginine)}} renders as:
    abc-7200-25-1-xyz (DL-arginine)