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This citation template can be used to cite a U.S. National Geodetic Survey (NGS} data sheet.


A search engine can be found here. It requires the approximate coordinates of the benchmark.

Parameter Value
{{cite ngs
| pid = 
| name = 
| accessdate = 
PID from the data sheet
DESIGNATION from the data sheet
Current date

The values for pid and name must be specified. Unnamed parameters are allowed. The parameter designation is an alias for name and id is an alias for pid.


with named parameters

{{cite ngs |pid=GT1811 |name=Whitney}}„Whitney”. NGS data sheet. U.S. National Geodetic Survey. 

with unnamed parameters

{{cite ngs|GT1811|Whitney|2008-10-31}}„Whitney”. NGS data sheet. U.S. National Geodetic Survey. Приступљено 2008-10-31. 

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