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This template produces a collapsible list. It is possible to set CSS styles for the "frame" (the <div>...</div> tags surrounding the list), for the list title, and for the list items. The template supports an unlimited number of list items.


{{Collapsible list
 | expand = 
 | framestyle = 
 | titlestyle = 
 | title = 
 | liststyle = 
 | hlist = 
 | bullets = 
 | <!-- 1 = -->    <!--(First item in list; the "1 =" is usually not required)-->
 | <!-- 2 = -->    <!--(Second item in list; ditto)-->
 | <!-- 3 = -->    <!--(Third item in list; etc.)-->
 | <!-- etc -->


expand Include as |expand=on, |expand=true, etc to set the list's default state to expanded rather than collapsed.
framestyle Custom CSS styling applied the template overall (title and list).
titlestyle Custom CSS styling applied to the title.
title The list's title (always on view beside the list's [show/hide] link).
liststyle Custom CSS styling applied to the list (specifically, to the <ul>...</ul> tags delimiting the list).
hlist Include as |hlist=on, |hlist=true, etc to produce a horizontal rather than vertical list.
bullets Include as |bullets=on, |bullets=true, etc to place a bullet point before each list item.
Unnamed parameters
(first, second, third...)
The list items (in the order in which they will appear). If none are supplied, the template outputs nothing.


{{Collapsible list 
 | title = [[European Free Trade Association]] members 
 | [[Iceland]] 
 | [[Liechtenstein]] 
 | [[Norway]] 
 | [[Switzerland]]