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Медији везани за чланак Commons and category-inline (категорија) на Викимедијиној остави

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Purpose[уреди извор]

Sometimes articles have both Commons articles (galleries) and categories about them. This template can be used to generate an inline link to a Commons gallery and a Commons category. It is intended for use in the "External links" section of an article.

Usage[уреди извор]

This template takes one or two parameters; the Commons gallery and the category (if the category name differs from PAGENAME). Please note that if the Commons gallery (1st parameter) or the Commons category (2nd parameter) is not the same as PAGENAME, then it must be specified and not left blank. There is also an optional parameter for |extratext=.

Format[уреди извор]

{{Commons and category-inline|CommonsArticleName|CommonsCategoryName}}

Example[уреди извор]


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