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For templates with names of the form "Don't edit this line xxx" or "Get xxx", see Template:Don't edit this line/doc/variant.

This template is transcluded from every taxonomy template page (i.e. every page whose name is of the form "Template:Taxonomy/taxon") when |machine code= is not specified. This should only happen when viewing a taxonomy template page. It uses function callTaxonomyKey in Module:Autotaxobox to prepare for and then use {{Taxonomy key}} to display the taxonomy template page in a more readable form.

As an example, see Template:Taxonomy/Felis – the display is created by {{Don't edit this line |rank=genus |link=Felis |parent=Felinae}} given that |machine code= is not given a value.

The template places a taxonomy template in one of the following tracking categories:

For templates that are transcluded when |machine code= is given a value, see Template:Don't edit this line/doc/variant.