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This is a template to generate links to Project Gutenberg authors. This template should be used exclusively for AUTHORS, ILLUSTRATORS, TRANSLATORS, and persons with similar roles in book production. To link directly to a BOOK, use Template:Gutenberg book.

The template can be used two ways, with id = to name or number

  • id = name
{{Gutenberg author | id=James,+Henry+(1843-1916) |name=Henry James}}
produces this URL
displayed like this
Henry James на сајту Пројекат Гутенберг (језик: енглески)
  • id = number
{{Gutenberg author | id=113 |name=Henry James}}
produces this URL
displayed like this
Henry James на сајту Пројекат Гутенберг (језик: енглески)
  • 'id = name' will go to an author search result page.
  • 'id = number' will skip the author search result page and go direct to the author page. This is preferable.

Process[уреди извор]

  1. Go to the Project Gutenberg web site.
  2. Using the online catalog, search for the author you want to link via the template.
  3. Find the author listing, such as: Harrison, James A. (James Albert) (1848-1911)
  4. Edit the Wikipedia page and add in the Gutenberg author template.
  5. You now have two choices: The 'id' can be either the author name, or the author number. By using the name it will go to a search results page. By using the number it will go direct to the author page. The later is preferred, unless the author has works spread across multiple authors (such as an illustrator or translator).
  6. If using author name, set the 'id' variable equal to the author's name in this format: Lastname,+Firstname or however the name appears in the Gutenberg website, usually lastname followed by comma and then the rest of the name. The plus "+" are required; if spaces are used, the URL won't work. Although it's possible to use a bare template with no ID parameter since it will default to the article title, this is not recommended as articles on Wikipedia are continually renamed for disambiguation purposes and it's safer to lock in the desired ID.
  7. If using the author number, set the 'id' to the number Gutenberg uses for that author. The number can be found by clicking through to the author page which will have a URL like http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/113
  8. You may also set the 'name' variable in the template to equal the author's name how you wish it to appear, such as: James A. Harrison or James Albert Harrison. The 'name' is for Wikipedia display purposes only.
  9. Dates in the ID should be avoided unless needed to narrow the search results. This is because the dates in the Gutenberg database may be incorrect and will change in the future thus potentially breaking the URL. Nevertheless, it's better to add the dates if they are needed to narrow search results. Even better, find the author ID and use that instead.

Examples when id is a name[уреди извор]

{{Gutenberg author | id=Swift,+Jonathan}}
Jonathan Swift на сајту Пројекат Гутенберг (језик: енглески)
{{Gutenberg author | id=James,+Henry+(1843-1916)}}
Henry James на сајту Пројекат Гутенберг (језик: енглески)
This shows how dates are used to narrow results of a common name.
{{Gutenberg author | id=Adams,+Ephraim+Douglass}}
Ephraim Douglass Adams на сајту Пројекат Гутенберг (језик: енглески)
This demonstrates a 3-word name.
{{Gutenberg author | id=Woodhead,+G.+Sims,+(German+Sims),+Sir
German Sims Woodhead на сајту Пројекат Гутенберг (језик: енглески)
This demonstrates a complex name (use of "Sir"). Other complex names include royalty. The only way to know how its structured is by looking at the Gutenberg database first.
{{Gutenberg author | id=Thomas,+Edward}}
Edward Thomas на сајту Пројекат Гутенберг (језик: енглески)
This demonstrates how a common name can match multiple people. To narrow the results add the dates:
{{Gutenberg author | id=Thomas,+Edward+(1878-1917)}}
Edward Thomas на сајту Пројекат Гутенберг (језик: енглески)
Unfortunately sometimes the birth-death dates on Wikipedia don't exactly match those on Gutenberg.

Note: A partial name, such as {{gutenberg author | id=Jon | name=Jon}} will generate a list of all authors with "Jon" anywhere in the name.

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