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Usage[уреди извор]

You can use this template to include a timeline in an article page.

  1. Type {{subst:Include timeline}} where you want the timeline to appear.
  2. Click "Preview"
  3. In the box that appears, follow the link to create a timeline
  4. Fill in the blanks using the instructions that appear
  5. Once you've saved your timeline, return to the article page and press "save". The timeline will appear wherever {{subst:Include timeline}} lies.

Advanced usage[уреди извор]

If you wish to include more than one timeline in an article, or use a timeline in lots of different articles, just type {{subst:Include timeline|timeline name}}.

If you've made a timeline on the page "Abbey Road (album)", and now want to include it on the page "Beatles" too, just enter {{subst:Include timeline|Abbey Road (album)}} on the "Beatles" page.

Why use it?[уреди извор]

Many editors feel that large amounts of template code in an article makes it harder to read and edit, both scaring off new editors and deterring the lazy from making edits. It also makes it easier to use templates that appear on one page, from another.

See also[уреди извор]

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