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This template is used to call the colour of Transport for London routes. (The abbreviation is from London Underground Line.) The following are included in this template.

In order to call a line's colour, the code #{{LUL colour|name}} is used (where name is replaced by the actual route name or abbreviation). Note that this template is not case sensitive: i.e. {{LUL colour|MET}} produces the same result as {{LUL colour|met}}.

London Underground
{{LUL colour|Bakerloo}} or …|BAK}} Sample:   b26300 Pantone 470
{{LUL colour|Central}} or …|CEN}} Sample:   dc241f Pantone 485
{{LUL colour|Chelsea-Hackney}} or …|C-H}} Sample:   8cc63e
{{LUL colour|Circle}} or …|CIR}} Sample:   ffd329 Pantone 116
{{LUL colour|District}} or …|DIS}} Sample:   007d32 Pantone 356
{{LUL colour|East London}} or …|ELL}} Sample:   ef7b10 Pantone 137
{{LUL colour|Fleet}} Sample:   414b56 Pantone 432
{{LUL colour|Hammersmith & City}} or …|H&C}} Sample:   f4a9be Pantone 197
{{LUL colour|Jubilee}} or …|JUB}} Sample:   a1a5a7 Pantone 430
{{LUL colour|Metropolitan}} or …|MET}} Sample:   9b0058 Pantone 235
{{LUL colour|Northern}} or …|NOR}} Sample:   000000 Pantone Black
{{LUL colour|Piccadilly}} or …|PIC}} Sample:   0019a8 Pantone 072
{{LUL colour|Victoria}} or …|VIC}} Sample:   0098d8 Pantone 299
{{LUL colour|Waterloo & City}} or …|W&C}} Sample:   93ceba Pantone 338
Other rail
{{LUL colour|Crossrail}} or …|CR}} Sample:   9364cc
{{LUL colour|Crossrail2}} or …|CR2}} Sample:   9364cc
{{LUL colour|Docklands Light Railway}} or …|Docklands}} or …|DLR}} Sample:   00afad Pantone 326
{{LUL colour|London Overground}} or …|Overground}} or …|LOG}} Sample:   ef7b10 Pantone 158
{{LUL colour|Tramlink}} or …|TL}} Sample:   00bd19 Pantone 368
{{LUL colour|Tramlink|1}} or {{LUL colour|TL1}} Sample:   c1d72e Pantone 382
{{LUL colour|Tramlink|2}} or {{LUL colour|TL2}} Sample:   c1d72e Pantone 382
{{LUL colour|Tramlink|3}} or {{LUL colour|TL3}} Sample:   7cc242
{{LUL colour|Tramlink|4}} or {{LUL colour|TL4}} Sample:   3b7224
Other services
{{LUL colour|Emirates Air Line}} or …|EAL}} Sample:   dc241f Pantone 186
{{LUL colour|River}} or …|RIV}} Sample:   00a0e2 Pantone 299

Sources[уреди извор]

All Pantone-specified colour values taken from the official TfL Colour Standards Guide (Issue 4) found at:

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