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Документација шаблона[прикажи] [уреди] [историја] [освежи]

{{Nocaps}} will display text in full lower case.

Usage[уреди извор]

The source text will not be altered (copying/pasting the text will be presented in its original form), only in its browser display. You can use this template to control the display of the variable output of magic words and of other templates. Instead of HELLO you would have hello

Example[уреди извор]

{{Nocaps|thE ''NaMe'' oF thE GAME}}
thE NaMe oF thE GAME

Note[уреди извор]

Substitution (subst:) of this template is not recommended. The result will not create lower case source text but only an appearance thereof; the original text will wrapped in an HTML tag in the page source. Because of this, it would be more effective to simply edit the original text as lower-case, or use "{{subst:lc: ...text...}}" to store text as all lower-case into the page.

See also[уреди извор]

Templates that change the display (copying/pasting will present the original text):

  • {{Nocaps}} – displays text in lower case (minuscule)
  • {{Allcaps}} – displays text in capital letters (Upper case)
  • {{Smallcaps}} – displays text in small capital letters
  • {{Fixcaps}} – capitalizes words {{fixcaps|pLAy/tHE/GamE}} → Play the Game
  • {{Template capitalization}}

Magic words that rewrite the output (copying/pasting will present the text as displayed):

  • {{lc:}} – lower case output of the full text
  • {{uc:}} – upper case output of the full text
  • {{lcfirst:}} – lower case output of the first character only
  • {{ucfirst:}} – upper case output of the first character only