Шаблон:UN document

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Документација шаблона[прикажи] [уреди] [историја] [освежи]

Usage[уреди извор]

This citation template is used for referencing and linking to United Nations documents from a Wikipedia article. It may also be called using the short form {{UN doc}} as shown in the examples.

Пуни сет параметара у хоризонталном формату
{{UN doc |docid= |body= |session= |type= |resolution_number= |document_number= |title= |page= |pages= |date= |year= |meeting= |meetingtime= |speakername= |speakernation= |language= |accessdate=|quote=}}
Најчешће коришћени параметри у хоризонталном формату
{{UN doc |docid= |body= |session= |type= |resolution_number= |title= |date= |accessdate=}}

Example[уреди извор]

<ref>{{UN doc |docid=A-RES-58-217 |body=A |session=58 |type=R |resolution_number=217 |title=International Decade for Action, “Water for Life”, 2005-2015 |page=2 |accessdate=13 November 2007 |date=23 December 2003}}</ref>

This is a generic representation of the document containing its official symbol, and several parameters, such as body, session number, type, resolution number, title, and a page number. The <ref> and </ref> tags cause it to appear as a footnote.

In the References section, this appears as:

Шаблон:UN doc

Note that the page number is not part of the link; it is not possible to link directly to a specific page or section of a document hosted at the United Nations.

Every official United Nations document has a unique ID. For an explanation of the format of the docid (known as the document symbol), see United Nations Document Codes.

Parameters[уреди извор]

Some of these values are mutually redundant, but alternatives are necessary.

Parameter name Description / usage
docid Document code (e.g. A/58/PV.12). This format must match what is on the UN website.
body Source of the document at the U.N.

Shortcuts: A=General Assembly; S=Security Council; T=Secretariat; E=Economic and Social Council; H=Human Rights Campaign.
Entries are not limited to these options; other values are preceded by "United Nations" and are wikilinked to their Wikipedia article.

type Shortcuts: A=Agenda item; D=Document; M=Meeting; R=Resolution; S=Summary Report; V=Verbatim Report.
Entries are not limited to these options.
session session number (e.g. 58).
resolution_number when type=Resolution.
document_number when type=Agenda item or other value.
title title of section or document being referenced.
page page number.
pages page numbers—use for a range of pages, not for total number of pages.
date date of publication (the one on the document).
year include only if date is unavailable.
meeting meeting number (e.g. 12) (when type=Verbatim Report or Meeting).
meetingtime time of meeting (sometimes several happen on one day).
speakername name of the speaker who gave the speech.
speakernation nation of the speaker who gave the speech.
language language of the speaker; all documents on the website are in English.
accessdate date you viewed the document.