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Немачка (Q183) Својство:P47: [1]

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This template is used to test and demonstrate data retrieval from Wikidata according to the pattern {{#property:p47}}, where the context title box of Special:ExpandTemplates is used to specify the item about which data are retrieved.

For testing other retrieval wikitext, modify the content of the input text box of Special:ExpandTemplates. For testing and demonstrating arbitrary retrieval wikitext one can also use Wikipedia:Wikidata/Wikidata Sandbox. This shows the values directly, but only those on d:Q4115189 (Wikidata Sandbox).

Example call[уреди извор]

{{wikidata value|Germany|47|Q183}}

Note: the third parameter specifying the subject's id is optional ; but it should be used to disambiguate terms by querying directly the Wikidata article by its id, rather than by its current given name (in the language of the current wiki, as the name will be looked as a local article name; as articles in Wikis are subject to be renamed/moved/merged independently of Wikidata, using id's allows better stability; also the local article name may not work well on multilingual wikis).

Example results[уреди извор]

Follow the second link to see the property concerned; follow the third link to see the result for the item on the left. To go to the item page on Wikidata, follow the link on the left and then the link "Edit links" near the interwiki links.

Germany (Q183) Својство:P47: [2]

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