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Шаблон:Archive basics

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This template is used to provide an archive name and counter number to Шаблон:No ping's (Original by Шаблон:No ping) OneClickArchiver (Original) script, on pages where a {{User:MiszaBot/config}} configuration doesn't exist, or does not contain a numeric counter. This template and OneClickArchiver work with archives that end with a number. It does not work with archives that do not end in a number (e.g. archives organized by year/month).

Examples[уреди извор]

Example 1:

{{Archive basics
|archive = User talk:Username/Archive %(counter)d
|counter = 4

Example 2 if you want to cut & paste for numbered archives:

{{Archive basics
|archive = {{SAFESUBST:#titleparts:{{SAFESUBST:FULLPAGENAME}}}}/Archive %(counter)d
|counter = 1

Because User:Equazcion/OneClickArchiver.js is extremely sensitive for case and spaces and some people haven't yet upgraded to the version that doesn't care about case and spacing, there is a shortcut template to make it even easier for you to apply this. Simply change the number "1" to whatever number you want to start with for a counter number:


TemplateData[уреди извор]

Ово је TemplateData за овај шаблон, која се користи у TemplateWizard, Визуелном уређивачу и другим алаткама. Погледајте месечни извештај о употреби парамера за овај шаблон у чланцима заснованим на овом TemplateData.

TemplateData за Archive basics

Нема описа.

Параметри шаблона[Уреди податке о шаблону]


WikiPath to where you want the archives stored.


This is what numbered archive the OneClickArchiver will archive to. If you are archiving at User talk:Example/Archive 1, for example, this parameter must be set at 1. Otherwise, the OneClickArchiver will archive to the wrong page.

maxsizemaxsize maxarchivesize

Size at which a "nag" notice will show up on page letting users know that the size of the current archive (defined by archive and counter parameters) is above and to suggest that the archive be incremented.


See also[уреди извор]

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