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The death of 12 newborn babies in Banja Luka was a tragic incident during the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when 12 Serbian infants died[1] at the Banja Luka Hospital neonatal intensive care unit, because of the lack of oxygen needed for their treatment. These deaths invoked a large-scale military action called "Operadion Corridor", organized by the Army of Republika Srpska against the Croatian army and the Bosniak Muslim army. The operation was conducted between June 14 and June 26 1992[2].


Croatian and Muslim armed forces blocked the "Posavski corridor" that connected Bosanska Krajina and Serbia. The corridor cut off Banja Luka from Serbia. Because of this, it was not possible to supply Banja Luka with oxygen by land. Only the air supply remained as an option, but it wasn't possible either because of a flight ban over Bosnia and Herzegovina, imposed by the United Nations Security Council[2]. An airplane intended to fly from Belgrade to Banja Luka with oxygen supplies did not get clearance[2].

Numerous pleas for help[2] were sent via radio, television, Voice of Srpska, and other newspapers, but although UNICEF and representatives of other international humanitarian organizations were familiar with the problem, the plane with oxygen had to wait for several days for the clearance to arrive, which never did[2]. Shortly afterwards, 12 newborns died from hypoxia at the Banja Luka hospital. Even though the doctors tried to use[2] "industrial oxygen" supplied by the Army of Republika Srpska and several contractors and citizens, it was not enough to save the babies.

Seven days after the death of the last baby, Army of Republika Srpska cleared the corridor to Serbia, which made future oxygen supplies possible.

List of died babies[уреди]

Here is some info about the dead babies[2]:

Name of Mother Name of Baby Gender Date of Birth Date of Death
Dušanka Đukić unnamed male May 22, 1992 May 22, 1992
Živka Knežević unnamed male May 22, 1992 May 22, 1992
Fatima Dedić unnamed male May 23, 1992 May 27, 1992
Željka Tubić unnamed male May 28, 1992 May 28, 1992
Zilha Murica-Delić unnamed female June 1, 1992 June 1, 1992
Safeta Medić unnamed female May 26, 1992 June 2, 1992
Nađa Puška unnamed female May 29, 1992 June 1, 1992
Dragoslava Marić unnamed female June 3, 1992 June 5, 1992
Milena Sandić unnamed female June 15, 1992 June 16, 1992
Dragica Komljenović unnamed female June 1, 1992 June 19, 1992
Majda Đuran unnamed male June 17, 1992 June 17, 1992
Grozda Rauš Vladimir male May 28, 1992 June 19, 1992

Survived babies[уреди]

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