Разговор:Жак Рог

Из Википедије, слободне енциклопедије
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Not a French but a Dutch name[уреди]

The articel says:
Жак Рог (фр. Jacques Rogge [...].

Although his first name Jacques is obviously French, the surname Rogge is not a French but a Dutch one. And Mr. Rogge is Flemish, i.e. from the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.

Rogge is pronounced with two audible syllables. The "e" is an unstressed vowel like the letter a in the English word "ago". The double "g" is prounced like "ch" in the German name "Bach".

So the article should be corrected to: Жак Рохе (хол. Jacques Rogge). (разговор) 11:48, 15. август 2008. (CEST)