Шаблон:Archive top green

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This template is used to close discussions on a talk page or a noticeboard.

When used on a talk page this template should only be used by uninvolved editors or administrators in conjunction with the talk page guidelines and relevant advice at refactoring. It should not be used by involved parties to end a discussion over the objections of other editors.

Usage[уреди извор]

{{Archive top green|result=|status=}}

Place the {{archive top green}} template below the header containing the discussion, then place {{Archive bottom}} at the end of the discussion.

Do not include main section headers: including main headers will disrupt archiving bots.

Parameters[уреди извор]

This template takes two optional parameters, used for creating a floating box for discussion results:

  • result - the result of the discussion.
  • status - resolved/withdrawn/moved/none, or any short phrase. A brief header (uppercased) to indicate the status of the discussion.

These parameters are passed through to template:Quote box to create the result box.

Examples[уреди извор]

Plain archival

{{Archive top green}}
{{lorem ipsum}}
{{Archive bottom}}

Result box

{{Archive top green
|result = The time has come, my little friend, to talk of other things.  Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings.
|status = none }}
{{lorem ipsum}}
{{Archive bottom}}

Result box, no header, bulleted list

{{Archive top green
|result = * The time has come, my little friend, 
*to talk of other things.  
*Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, 
*Of cabbages and kings. }}
{{lorem ipsum}}
{{Archive bottom}}

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