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50 / 100
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This template displays the numeric composition of a thing in terms of its sub-units. For example, it is frequently used as part of {{Infobox political party}} to show the number of seats a given political party holds in a legislature.

Usage[уреди извор]

{{Composition bar|amount|total|bar-color|background-color=background-color|per=0/1}}
is the number of sub-units
is the total number of sub-units possible
(default is light grey) is the background color of the left part of the bar - a valid web color, which can be specified by name, as a hex triplet (#rrbbgg), or rgb triplet (rgb(0–255,0–255,0–255)).
In the case of political parties, most will have their logo color available in {{political party/meta/color}} templates.
(default is very light grey) is the background color of the right part of the bar - a valid web color.
is the width of the bar in px.
(default is false), when set to 1 (true), adds a percentage to the bar as well.

The background colour for the right part of the bar may then be too light to give sufficient contrast, in which case the background-color parameter may be used to provide a dark background for that part of the bar. See the first three examples below. Snook's Colour Contrast Check may be used to check compliance with WCAG guidelines for contrast.

Examples[уреди извор]

Code Result
{{Composition bar|50|100|red}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|50|100|red|color=#FFF}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|50|100|red|color=#FFF|background-color=#000}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|50|100|#99F}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|50|100|{{Green Party (UK)/meta/color}}}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|50|100|rgb(255,255,16)}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|75|100|#FF0|width=250}}
75 / 100
{{Composition bar|40|100|#F00|width=300|per=1}}
40 / 100 (40%)
{{Composition bar|90|100|#F0F0F0|width=300|per=2|background-color=#F00}}
90 / 100 (90%)
{{Composition bar|90|100|#F0C|width=300|per=1}}
90 / 100 (90%)

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TemplateData за Composition bar

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