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This template displays the numeric composition of a thing in terms of its sub-units. For example, it is frequently used as part of {{Infobox political party}} to show the number of seats a given political party holds in a legislature.


{{Composition bar|amount|total|bar-color|background-color=background-color|per=0/1}}
is the number of sub-units
is the total number of sub-units possible
(default is light grey) is the background color of the left part of the bar - a valid web color, which can be specified by name, as a hex triplet (#rrbbgg), or rgb triplet (rgb(0–255,0–255,0–255)).
In the case of political parties, most will have their logo color available in {{political party/meta/color}} templates.
(default is very light grey) is the background color of the right part of the bar - a valid web color.
is the width of the bar in px.
(default is false), when set to 1 (true), adds a percentage to the bar as well.

The background colour for the right part of the bar may then be too light to give sufficient contrast, in which case the background-color parameter may be used to provide a dark background for that part of the bar. See the first three examples below. Snook's Colour Contrast Check may be used to check compliance with WCAG guidelines for contrast.


Code Result
{{Composition bar|50|100|red}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|50|100|red|color=#FFF}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|50|100|red|color=#FFF|background-color=#000}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|50|100|#99F}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|50|100|{{Green Party (UK)/meta/color}}}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|50|100|rgb(255,255,16)}}
50 / 100
{{Composition bar|75|100|#FF0|width=250}}
75 / 100
{{Composition bar|40|100|#F00|width=300|per=1}}
40 / 100 (40%)
{{Composition bar|90|100|#F0F0F0|width=300|per=2|background-color=#F00}}
90 / 100 (90%)
{{Composition bar|90|100|#F0C|width=300|per=1}}
90 / 100 (90%)


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TemplateData за Composition bar

Синтаксна грешка у JSON-у.

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