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The {{rail-interchange|…}} template is an abstraction layer to cope with rebranding and renaming of transport systems. The template maps f (where, how) → to brand, link, icon(s) allowing the whole of Wikipedia to be easily updated when a transport network switches operator, changes name or updates their logo.

Avoid brandname, operator or sponsor names when choosing the location/link pair.

The optional named parameter size will override the default height of the icon (between 10 and 20 pixels):


The value for size must be an integer and should not be any larger than the display height of the diagram icons themselves (20 pixels in most diagrams).

The icons' wikilink and alternate text can be overridden by adding the optional parameters |link=newlink and |alt=othertext. Note that if only the |link= parameter is changed then the |alt= parameter will change from the default to the new link text. (However, the |alt= parameter can be changed without affecting the link target.)

Please avoid adding these icons within the prose of articles: per Wikipedia's Manual of Style for icons, "Icons should not be used in the article body... This breaks up the continuity of the text, distracting the reader".

In addition, icons used in this way are primarily decorative, e.g. "aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder: one reader's harmless decoration may be another reader's distraction": While the icons provide visual cues in certain circumstances, writing in prose will usually suffice. Instead, provide a link to the services directly.

The following symbols can be used to denote interchange:

Symbol Usage
Airport interchange

Code: {{rint|air}}
Use: Airport station
Link: List of airports

Private airfield

Code: {{rint|air|field}} or {{rint|airfield}}
Use: Small airport or private airfield
Link: Aerodrome


Code: {{rint|heliport}}
Use: Heliport
Link: Heliport

Bus interchange

Code: {{rint|bus}}
Alternative icon: {{rint|bus|1}}
Use: Interchange with local bus services
Link: Bus

Bus interchange
Bus rapid transit

Code: {{rint|bus|rapid}} or …|bus|brt}}
Use: Interchange with Bus Rapid Transit services
Link: Bus rapid transit


Code: {{rint|bus|trolleybus}} or …|bus|trolley}} or …|bus|tb}}
or {{rint|trolley}} or …|trolleybus}}
Use: Interchange with local trolleybus services
Link: Trolleybus

Mainline rail interchange

Code: {{rint|rail}}
Alternative icon: {{rint|rail|1}}
Use: Interchange with mainline rail services
Link: none

Mainline rail interchange
Express train

Code: {{rint|express}}
Use: Interchange with express rail services
Link: Express train

Metro interchange

Code: {{rint|metro}}
Use: Interchange with rapid transit services
Link: Rapid transit


Code: {{rint|mono}}
Use: Interchange with monorail line
Link: Monorail

Tram interchange

Code: {{rint|tram}} or …|light rail}}
Alternative icon: {{rint|tram|1}}
Use: Interchange with tram or light rail services
Link: Tram or Light rail

Tram interchange
ferry/water interchange

Code: {{rint|ferry}}
Use: Interchange with a passenger ferry or water bus service
Link: Ferry


Code: {{rint|incline}}
Use: Interchange with a funicular
Link: Funicular

Heritage railway

Code: {{rint|heritage|rail}}
Use: Interchange with a heritage railway line
Link: Heritage railway

Heritage streetcar

Code: {{rint|heritage|tram}}
Use: Interchange with a heritage tram or streetcar line
Link: Heritage streetcar

Bicycle facilities

Code: {{rint|bicycle}} or {{rint|bike}}
Use: Bicycle facilities
Link: Bicycle


Code: {{rint|park}} or {{rint|parking}}
Alternative icon: {{rint|park|1}} or {{rint|parking|1}}
Use: Parking
Link: Parking

Handicapped/disabled access

Code: {{rint|wheelchair}}
Alternative icon: {{rint|wheelchair|1}}
Use: Handicapped/disabled access
Link: Accessibility#Transportation

Handicapped/disabled access

Specific by country

[уреди извор]

Variants exist for a number of different places around the world to display symbols which are specific to a country or city - for example, the London Underground logo on London specific articles. Note that these are the names of the main location involved, and not the brand used by the current franchise operator (which can change frequently). If the logo should change, it can be easily updated within this template.

Please only use free content images. In most cases, using non-free logos in this manner will not comply with Wikipedia's non-free content policy.

This may need switching to Wikipedia:Template limits#A template for each array element.