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Патријарх Пајсије (1642)[уреди извор]

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Hi, I'm a Bulgarian. I'll write my message in both English and Bulgarian, because I want my chances for being understood to increase.

Was Патријарх Пајсије born in 1722 and did he die in 1773? If that's Пајсије who I know, please tell me how he is related to Serbian history. In other words, what do you know about him - in a few words.

Патријарх Пајсије роден ли е през 1722 година и умрял ли е през 1772? Ако това е онзи Пајсије (Пайсий на български), който аз знам, кажете ми по какъв начин е свързан със сръбската история. С други думи, какво знаеше за него - с няколко думи.

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He was not born in 1722 because he was the Serbian patriarch (Pec-Kosovo) during from 1614to 1647 !

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I understand. Thanks for the fast reply! --Webkid 00:54, 29 Авг 2004 (CEST)
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