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ИМДб наслов на сајту IMDb (језик: енглески)

Документација шаблона[прикажи] [уреди] [историја] [освежи]

This template is used to generate an external link to a web page at the Internet Movie Database. It should be used exclusively for TITLES (movies, TV series, games, etc.).

For a person (actor, actress, etc.), use {{IMDb name}}.
For a specific TV episode or Web series episode, use {{IMDb episode}}.
For an episode list, use {{IMDb episodes}}.
For a company, use {{IMDb company}}.
For a character, use {{IMDb character}}.

Usage[уреди извор]

Unnamed parameters:

  • {{ИМДб наслов | ID }}
  • {{ИМДб наслов | ID | TITLE }}
  • {{ИМДб наслов | ID | TITLE | DESCRIPTION }}
  • {{ИМДб наслов | ID | TITLE | DESCRIPTION | section= SECTION }}

Named parameters:

  • {{ИМДб наслов | id= ID }}
  • {{ИМДб наслов | id= ID | title= TITLE }}
  • {{ИМДб наслов | id= ID | title= TITLE | description= DESCRIPTION }}
  • {{ИМДб наслов | id= ID | title= TITLE | description= DESCRIPTION | section= SECTION }}

Instructions[уреди извор]

  1. Search on IMDb.com for the title you want. On the Wikipedia page of the film concerned this can often be done with the link produced by previewing {{ИМДб наслов}} (this may not work if the page title is more than just the film title).
  2. Click on the correct link to go to the movie's page (or whatever you're looking for). Be sure you're getting on the correct title page.
  3. The page URL should look like this:
    where ###### indicates a number.
  4. Copy the ID number that appears after tt in the URL. The leading "tt" is not required, but the template will still work if it is included. The leading zeros in the number are not needed, but are recommended for Linksearch uniformity.
  5. Add the following to the external links section of the article:
    {{ИМДб наслов | ###### | Film Name }}
    or {{ИМДб наслов | id= ###### | title= Film Name }}
    where ###### is the number you've copied, and Film Name is the title of the movie or show.
  6. (Optional) If you want to add an additional description to distinguish this film/show from another that may be on the same page with the same name, use the following text:
    {{ИМДб наслов | ####### | Title | Description }}
    where ####### is the number you've copied, Title is the title of the movie or show, and Description is the description of the show, in parentheses.
  7. (Optional) There is also the section parameter which can be set to awards to link to the Awards section of the site.

Examples[уреди извор]

Parameter: id (1)[уреди извор]

  1. Search on IMDb.com for the title Alpha Dog. This can also be done on the Wikipedia page for Alpha Dog by previewing {{ИМДб наслов}} and clicking that link ( http://www.imdb.com/Title?Alpha+Dog/ ).
  2. On the IMDb search results page, click the link for "Alpha Dog (2006)". That IMDb page URL is:
  3. Copy 0426883 and add it to the template.

Example: {{ИМДб наслов | 0426883 }}

Result: ИМДб наслов на сајту IMDb (језик: енглески)

Example: {{ИМДб наслов |id= 0426883 }}

Result: ИМДб наслов на сајту IMDb (језик: енглески)

Typically this is a list item in the external links section (even if there is only one link), so you should add "*" in front.

Parameter: title (2)[уреди извор]

Example: {{ИМДб наслов | 0426883 | Alpha Dog }}

Result: Alpha Dog  на сајту IMDb (језик: енглески)

Example: {{ИМДб наслов | id= 0426883 | title= Alpha Dog }}

Result: Alpha Dog на сајту IMDb (језик: енглески)

Parameter: description (3)[уреди извор]

Example: {{ИМДб наслов | 0106117 | Route 66 | (1993 TV series) }}

Result: Route 66 (1993 TV series) на сајту IMDb (језик: енглески)

Example: {{ИМДб наслов | id= 0106117 | title= Route 66 | description= (1993 TV series) }}

Result: Route 66 (1993 TV series) на сајту IMDb (језик: енглески)

Parameter: section[уреди извор]

Example: {{ИМДб наслов | 0111282 | Stargate | section= awards }}

Result: Awards for Stargate  на сајту IMDb (језик: енглески)

Example: {{ИМДб наслов | id= 0111282 | title= Stargate | description= (1994 film) | section= awards }}

Result: Awards for Stargate (1994 film) на сајту IMDb (језик: енглески)

Template data[уреди извор]

Ово је TemplateData за овај шаблон, која се користи у TemplateWizard, Визуелном уређивачу и другим алаткама. Погледајте месечни извештај о употреби парамера за овај шаблон у чланцима заснованим на овом TemplateData.

TemplateData за ИМДб наслов

This is a template to generate links to Internet Movie Database.

Параметри шаблона[Уреди податке о шаблону]

Title numberid 1

Number of the IMDb title, taken from the numbers at the end of its IMDb URL. The Wikidata IMDb identifier (P345) can be used if id is not set.

Title nametitle 2

Name of the production, which may include the year made (in parentheses). Defaults to {{PAGENAME}} without any disambiguation such as (film).

Descriptiondescription 3

Description of the production.


Can 'award' or 'awards' which makes a link to the awards page. Other values are ignored.


Wikidata[уреди извор]

The Wikidata project provides a central collection of information and parameters for articles for the various Wikimedia projects. This includes the IMDb title codes for films. For example, the film Space Milkshake has a corresponding Wikidata item (Q7572422), which in turn includes an IMDb identifier. If {{ИМДб наслов}} is invoked in an article without the "id" parameter, and if Wikidata has an IMDb identifier specified for that article's corresponding item, the IMDb link with its title code will be included automatically.

For new film articles, the IMDb identifier property (and the film title item itself) may need to be added at Wikidata first, so that the default IMDb link can be available for use on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

This Wikidata capability was implemented on the English Wikipedia as of April 2013.

Note that the title code (first parameter) can still be specified as before and this will override the Wikidata default e.g. where this template is used to link to a film whose title does not correspond to the subject of the article (for example, in the case of a single article about a film and its sequels).

The second parameter for the film title override is still available to handle differences between article titles and film titles (e.g. due to disambiguation wording in the title). The first parameter may be left blank to default from Wikidata - for example {{ИМДб наслов||Film title}}.

Linksearch[уреди извор]

For a given link target (or first part of that) the pages from where there are links are found by a link such as this:


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