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Документација шаблона[прикажи] [уреди] [историја] [освежи]

Usage[уреди извор]

In its basic version, this template sets the font for its argument to one which is likely to support special symbols. The argument is specified using HTML character encoding, either in decimal (e.g. {) or hexadecimal (e.g. ©), or by pasting it as plain text. Examples:

  • {{unicode|⋊}}
  • {{unicode|⋊}}
  • {{unicode|⋊}}


  • {{unicode|⋉}}
  • {{unicode|⋉}}
  • {{unicode|⋉}}

Purpose[уреди извор]

This template was created to allow easy switching to Unicode fonts. It helps some browsers in which characters do not render correctly, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows XP.

The fonts selected are designed to maximize the probability of rendering uncommon Unicode characters correctly. However, different fonts cover different Unicode ranges. It is probably mostly useful for various Unicode symbols. Do not use it for the following:

Internals[уреди извор]

The source for the template is:

<span class="Unicode">{{{1}}}</span>

and class="Unicode" is defined in CSS at MediaWiki:Common.js as follows (but only for Windows XP, by targeting XP in JavaScript):

.Unicode {
    font-family: "Arial Unicode MS", "Lucida Sans Unicode";

You can override this with your own Unicode class definition in your personal stylesheet (i.e., Special:MyPage/common.css).

Template data[уреди извор]

Ово је TemplateData за овај шаблон, која се користи у TemplateWizard, Визуелном уређивачу и другим алаткама. Погледајте месечни извештај о употреби парамера за овај шаблон у чланцима заснованим на овом TemplateData.

TemplateData за Уникод

This template is used to set the font so that Unicode symbols are more likely to work.

Параметри шаблона[Уреди податке о шаблону]


The code, either in decimal, hexadecimal, or symbol form.


See also[уреди извор]

  • {{IPA}} – To format symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • {{PUA}} – To mark characters from the Private Use Area that should be retained
  • {{transl}} – Generic romanization
  • {{script}} – Scripts in Unicode navigation box
  • {{UnicodeTitle}}
  • {{unichar}} – to format an Unicode character description

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