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Категорија:Странице са идентификаторима нормативне контроле којима је потребна пажња

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This category may contain pages that use {{Authority control}} or are associated with the template, and which need attention. They are sorted under the various different issues, listed below.

  • A: Invalid QID specified with |additional= parameter.
  • D: A page is connected to a Wikidata item but has a |qid= parameter which does not match. (This parameter will be ignored by the template, but it's probably worth to check what has happened and remove the invalid parameter.)
  • L: One or more Wikidata items is lacking an English label so cannot be displayed.
  • N: Page has a non-existent authority control category. The most likely cause is that a new identifier has recently been added, but the editor has yet to create the corresponding categories.
  • P: Unrecognised property number in |suppress= parameter.
  • Q: Invalid QID specified with |qid= parameter.
  • R: Additional parameter is a duplicate of qid parameter.
  • S: A page is using an unrecognised |state= parameter. It should be either collapsed, expanded or autocollapse. Any invalid values can be fixed or removed.
  • U: Categories listed here do not conform to any expected naming convention, rendering the template useless. The solution is to either remove the template from the category, or improve/update the module to accommodate the new category naming convention.

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