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This is a tracking category for CS1 citations that have URI scheme errors.

Check |url= value

External links in CS1 and CS2 templates are made from two parts: the title (|title=, |chapter=, etc.) and the URL (|url=, |archive-url=, |chapter-url=, |lay-summary=, etc.). The |url= parameter and other URL parameters must begin with a supported URI scheme. The URI schemes http://, https:// and the protocol relative scheme // are most commonly used; irc://, ircs://, ftp://, news:, mailto: and gopher:// are also supported.

The URL field is checked to ensure that it contains only Latin characters and does not contain spaces. The URL may be protocol relative (begins with //). If there are no spaces and the URL is not protocol relative, then the scheme must comply with RFC 3986.[1]

Top- and second-level domain names are checked for proper form. Generally, top-level domain names must be two or more letters; second-level domain names must be two or more letters, digits, or hyphens (first and last character must be a letter or digit). Single-letter second-level domains are supported for:

all ccTLDs (the country code is not validated)
the .org TLD
certain letters of the .com TLD (q, x, z)
certain letters of the .net TLD (i, q)

Third- and subsequent-level domain names are not checked. The path portion of the URL is not checked.

To resolve this error, ensure that |url= and other URL parameters contain valid URLs. Online tools are available to internationalize URLs that are written in non-Latin scripts:

„IDN Conversion Tool”. Verisign. 
„IDNA Conversion tool”. IDNA-converter.com. 

Pages with this error are automatically placed in Категорија:Странице са грешкама у URL-у.[а]

Напомене[уреди | уреди извор]

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