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This is a tracking category for CS1 citations with unrecognized parameter names.

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  • Unknown parameter |xxxx= ignored
  • Unknown parameter |xxxx= ignored (|yyyy= suggested)

CS1 and CS2 templates report this error when the name portion of a parameter's |name=value pair is not recognized as a valid name. Typically, this is caused by spelling or capitalization errors.

With the old-style citation templates, it was possible to include information within the template that was simply ignored as unrecognized parameters. The Lua-based CS1|2 engine does not ignore unrecognized parameters. The purpose of the citation is to properly identify the source; not act as a repository of notes and ancillary information.

CS1|2 template parameters are lower case. CS1|2 will report this error when the parameter's name contains uppercase letters (Xxxx, xxXx, XXXX) but the parameter's name is defined as lowercase (xxxx). The identifier parameters, like |isbn=, |pmc=, |doi=, etc., can be either lower case or upper case, but not of mixed case (|isbn= or |ISBN= but not |Isbn=). For common parameter misspellings, like |pubisher= instead of |publisher=, CS1|2 will suggest a valid parameter name.

To resolve this error, replace the erroneous parameter name with a correct one, possibly using the suggested name. Ensure that the parameter's name is correctly spelled and that there are no characters except spaces between the parameter's name and the leading vertical bar (|) or trailing equals sign (=). A list of valid parameters can be found by consulting en:Help:Citation Style 1 or visiting the description page of the specific template being used, such as {{cite web}}, {{cite book}}, {{cite journal}}, etc. Consider moving information associated with the unknown parameter into an appropriate parameter or to a section of the article's talk page for preservation.

Pages with this error are automatically placed in Kategorija:Stranice sa izvorima i parametrima koji nisu podržani.[a]


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