Категорија:Странице са изворима и URL-ом без наслова

С Википедије, слободне енциклопедије

This is a tracking category for all CS1 citations that use |url= without an associated |title=.

|<param>= missing title

All CS1 and CS2 templates report this error when one of the URL-containing parameters cannot be paired with an associated title. This error may also occur when |title= cannot be linked with |url= because the citation also contains a conflicting |title-link= parameter.

URL-containing parameters and associated title parameters
URL parameters Title parameters
|archive-url= |title=
|chapter-url= |chapter=, |contribution=, |entry=, |article=
|conference-url= |conference=
|contribution-url= |chapter=, |contribution=, |entry=, |article=
|transcript-url= |transcript=
|url= |title=

A unique case exists: if |pmc= has a value and |url= is omitted or empty, then |title= is linked with the same URL as the PMC.

Because URLs are ugly and generally uninformative, it is expected that editors should provide a meaningful title for each URL. In most cases this can be accomplished by using the |title= parameter.

To resolve this error, provide an appropriate title for the URL-containing parameter. In the case where |url= and |title-link= are contending for |title= you must choose which one to keep. Consider moving |url= or |title-link= to a more suitable parameter.

Pages with this error are automatically placed in Категорија:Странице са изворима и URL-ом без наслова.[а]

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